Friday, August 28, 2015

2015 Devil Pups - AWESOME!

2015 Devil Pups Worley, Terrell, Pilimai, O'ili, Hume,
Garcia and Baird.

Monday, August 17, 2015


The long-awaited 2015 Devil Pup Awards Night has been set and we hope to see all of you there.  We will meet on AUGUST 26, 2015 (Wednesday evening) at Pizza Factory at the corner of St. George Boulevard and Main Street at 6:00 p.m.  This night was chosen as the best night for the AFJROTC (all of our pups this year are cadets) as well as the Pizza Factory schedule.  

WHAT:    2015 Devil Pup Awards
WHEN:   Wednesday, August 26; 6:00 p.m.
WHERE:  Pizza Factory, St. George Blvd. and Main.
     Devil Pups - wear your Devil Pup shirt, scarf, cap and jeans.
     All Others - very casual.

COST:  The Pizza Factory has very generously offered us the upstairs room for the evening.  They will provide unlimited pizza, breadsticks, salad and sodas for as long as we want them.  All this is for the cost of $8 per person.  (Small children will cost less.)

Since it is a school night, the evening will not be long - most likely from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.  Come hear the Pups describe their experiences at camp and honor them as they get their George Class Certificates and uniform ribbons for completing this growth challenge.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

2015 Devil Pup Graduates

Five of the seven pups who graduated:  Konrad Pilimai, Kolin Terrell, Noah Hume, Chris O'ili and Diego Gutierrez.  Chaynee Worley and Drake Baird also graduated.  Please see all of our photos online at: 2015 SoUtah Devil Pup Album

Micah Alba was an Eagle for 2nd Increment, 2015 Devil Pups:

Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015 Pups Delivered to Camp

I hope our job of preparing these pups for the shouting was adequate.  They looked like they were handling it well.

Click here for our 2015 camp photos 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tomorrow Night!!!

We've been in touch with the people in the know from Camp Pendleton.  We've been keeping an eye on the I-15 issues from last week.  We still plan to leave at 2:30 a.m. Wednesday night/Thursday morning from the movie theater parking lot.  Hopefully since we are traveling at night, we may avoid some of the slow-down traffic.  For those of you traveling during the day for graduation, the word right now from Devil Pup, Inc.'s coordinator is "The I-15 is better. They are letting cars through. North is wide open, South is still a little funky.  Just give yourselves extra travel time!!"  It may be all better by the end of the month.

I think we may be the lucky increment.  It rained almost the entire time during first increment's graduation ceremonies.  No doubt it will be humid.

Moms, if I get any reports from Camp Pendleton during the camp time, I will get them out to you asap.  Cpl. Lewis is staying in the area for the duration of our camp time.  I'll twist his arm for photos if they are allowed.  They had a professional photographer one year, but he kept getting in the way of exercises so that wasn't repeated.  There will be a DVD released shortly after camp that may catch some of our pups on camera.  

If you have an absolute emergency during camp, contact us first (check your Parent Contact List) and we will take it from there.  Otherwise, the pups are too busy to talk to mom and dad.  :}  They will write you a letter or two, however. 

See you on South Main at the theater parking lot early, early Thursday a.m. - 2:15 or you're late!

If you are going on vacation during camp time and not checking your e-mail, please remember to meet us in front of the reviewing stand immediately after graduation ceremonies are over.

Monday, July 20, 2015

23 Jul 2015 - 0230 Departure

We will be waiting in the movie theater parking lot at 905 S. Main in St. George.  Please be there no later than 2:15 a.m. in your white T-shirt and jeans with belt.  Take the Parent Contact List with you in case your car breaks down, road work makes you late - whatever.  You need to let us know if you're not at the departure place on time.  

Remember your hoodie; remember your cash in an envelope with your name on it.  There are no required expenses for you at camp; this is most likely for souvenirs after graduation.

I-15 has opened after its closure last week, so we should be good to go!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

2015 Camp Departure

Our van leaves the parking lot on South Main (the theater complex across from the back of the K-Mart shopping center) at 0230.  This is early, early Thursday morning (between Wednesday night and Thursday).  Please arrive no later than 2:15 - we'll take a few photos and head out by 2:30 a.m.  We need to leave at this time to allow a breakfast stop and then arrive at Camp Pendleton by 8 or 9 a.m. their time.  (They are an hour earlier than Utah.) 

Take some naps on Wednesday.  You can get a little sleep on the way down - but probably very little and you'll have a full day on Thursday once you arrive at Camp Pendleton.

Here is the packing list.  Check it and double check it.  I’ve seen kids who have gone over the list several times – but forgot toothpaste or sunscreen.

Pack only the one bag.  Use a strip of masking tape and preferably a large felt tip pen to write your last/first names on the strip of tape.  Your bags get piled into one humungous pile at graduation, and many of them look the same, so you will need your name for identification of your bag.  (We will have a roll of tape and a pen at departure time if you forget, but it takes up time so please try to have this done before you arrive.)

Remember to wear a plain white T-shirt and jeans with belt to camp. This is a camp requirement.  No designs or words on the T-shirt.  The packing list requires a sealed envelope with $35 in it and your name on it – put it in your pocket.

Immediately after graduation on August 1st, all pups and parents are to gather in front of the reviewing stand. Two reasons:  We need photos of everyone, and we need to know that all pups have been picked up by their parents or guardians, or responsible adult and not left abandoned at Camp Pendleton.  “Check Out” with Cpl. Lewis or Donna Toole to let us know you are safely on your way home.  Every year (except last year) someone takes off without checking in with us.  Don’t make us try to locate you or your family after graduation to make sure you’re OK.

Again, be respectful of the rules at Camp Pendleton.  It is a military base.  They allow the Devil Pup program to operate there as one of their community-based programs, but the permission can be withdrawn at any time, especially if there are abuses of the privilege. 

2014 - Meeting in front of Review Stand after Graduation