Thursday, April 28, 2011

Second Fund Raising Project

The second car wash will be held Saturday, May 21, 2011 at Hilltop Car Wash; same place; 9 to 12 noon. You will all receive 10 tickets to sell prior to that date. Please note you are expected to sell all the tickets and return the money envelope to either Donavan Millet at Dixie High School or myself. Please e-mail me so I can arrange to collect your ticket sales, or bring the envelope with the money in it to the car wash on the 21st.

There were three candidates who had put their names on the list to be considered as 2011 summer camp attendees who did not show up at the first car wash and did not call me before or after with an explanation. Those candidates are really behind the power curve at this point with no ticket sales reported and no points for attending the first car wash.

I do not yet have DP applications filled out for J. Arrias (one page is missing), K. and B. Simmons, W. Stevens and C. Nebeker. Please let me know when I can expect your applications.

Please mark your calendars now for the May 21st car wash fund raiser if you wish to be considered as a serious contender for one of the Devil Pup slots for summer encampment.

Watch for further particulars for an Applebee's fund raising night. Applebee's in St. George has agreed to hold a fund raiser for Devil Pups where all those who come in with a coupon will get 10% off on their meals and the 10% will be donated to Devil Pups. We will be setting up a date (most likely a Monday or Tuesday evening which is best for Applebee's), a link to a coupon, and we will keep you posted when that is finalized.