Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Next Saturday, April 27 PFT

ALL CANDIDATES for 2013 Devil Pup camp at Camp Pendleton this coming July:  Please be aware that the first PFT is this coming Saturday at the Washington County Sheriff's facility in Hurricane.  

Washington County Sheriff's Department
750 S. 5300 West, Hurricane, UT.
Be there 8:15 a.m.

Do your very best in each of the four events.  Each candidate will need to complete TWO PFT tests, and we will take the best score when determining who qualifies to become a Devil Pup.  Once you've been through the first PFT, you will have a better feel for what you need to work on.  The second PFT will be on May 25th, same time, same place - followed by a car wash.

There will be a third PFT given for those who could not make one of the two regular PFTs, but anyone can also take the third PFT if he/she thinks it will improve scores.  That one will be held on June 22nd, with another car wash following.  Basically, you need TWO tests, but you can participate in three if you wish.

Be aware that we have only six openings for males for SoUtah and two for females.  So these PFTs are very important if you wish to qualify.  This is a very competitive camp with lots of physical fitness stuff going on -- you will want to be in your best shape ever.

When discussing these events with your parents, please be sure they know that they are required to attend graduation ceremonies at Camp Pendleton on July 27th at noon.  They will probably need to arrive in Southern California the day before in order to make it into Camp Pendleton prior to the noon ceremonies.  Trust me, they will be so proud of you they will really want to be at your graduation!

So - only a few days to work on sit ups, pull ups, push ups and running before the first PFT.  What are you waiting for????