Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2013 Devil Pup Graduation

The Tooles will be at Camp Pendleton by Thursday night, July 26. You can reach us by cell or by e-mail.  We will be in meetings and a Trustee’s dinner on Friday, but we will check our VoiceMail and e-mail frequently.
Parents:  Your attendance is required at the graduation ceremonies.  It is a one-time "peak experience" for your child and needs to be shared with family and friends.  It is an incredible achievement to graduate from this Camp! The graduation is a huge accomplishment and a time for recognition and celebration for your successful Devil Pup. Remember to invite those individuals that are important in his/her life.
Travel time from St. George to Camp Pendleton is between six and seven hours.  It is recommended that parents travel on Friday (or earlier) to hotel/motel locations in Oceanside, Carlsbad, or preferably San Clemente, California.  
When you arrive at graduation, Eagles (prior year Devil Pups who have come back to this encampment to assist the program-identified by the blue T-shirts they wear) will have the information available about your Pup’s platoon and will advise you where to sit. Bring cameras, sun screen, etc. It is not as hot as St. George, but it is very humid.  You are not allowed to roam at will around Camp Pendleton, so please remain close to the Parade Grounds for the graduation ceremony.  Pictures are not allowed other than at the Devil Pup ceremony.
Enter Camp Pendleton on Basilone Road; continue to School of Infantry Parade Deck. All vehicles must have registration and insurance.  Drivers must have licenses and all adults in vehicle must have picture identification ready to show the Military Police at the Gate.  
Your youngster will be very tired and probably thirsty and hungry after the graduation.  From our experience, it may take many hamburgers to fill the chasm. Sleep will be automatic!