Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2015 WINNERS!!

Congratulations 2015 Devil Pup Candidate Winners!

Here are the results of our several weeks of PFT for 2015 Devil Pup Camp at Camp Pendleton in Southern California.  Camp dates are July 23 – Aug 1:

1-Terrell, Kolin
2-Hume, Noah
3-Oili, Christian
4-Pilimai, Konrad
5-Baird, Drake
6-Gutierrez, Diego
1-Worley, Chaynee
Winners!  Congratulations on your hard-earned accomplishment.  We could see the improvements from week to week.  Winners’ highest scores were between 296 and 365, out of a possible 400.  You and your parents will soon receive a packet of information with directions to Camp Pendleton for August 1st when they come to pick you up after graduation.  Also, a Devil Pup “mentor” who is a member of the local Marine Corps League will contact you shortly to get together with you because there are several more forms that must be completed prior to camp for your official “Service Record Book.”  He or she will be your go-to person until camp, or you can e-mail questions to Donna Toole, the Devil Pup Coordinator.  Begin working on your $100 donation toward your camp experience – there are only 7 weeks till camp – your Devil Pup Mentor can help with that!  It is also time to have your parents begin looking into hotel reservations as close to Camp Pendleton/Oceanside as they can so they can be on time at the graduation ceremony which starts at 12:00 p.m. sharp on August 1st.
Good job, future Devil Pups!!!