Thursday, July 9, 2015

11 July 2015 - PFT at Dixie State University

PFT again on Saturday.  

Do you have your high tops broken in?  Do not spend a lot of money on these hikers (they will get battered at camp) but do have them broken in so you won't get blisters. Your shoes don't have to look exactly like these below - just get some ankle protection so you won't turn your ankles during exercises.

You will also need a plain white T-shirt for the trip to camp.  All pups are to arrive in a white T-shirt and jeans with belt.  (See photos below.)

Have you had an appointment for your doctor to provide a camp physical?  This form has to be in your Service Record Book for you to attend camp.  Please be sure to make time for your mentor to meet with your family to get all the necessary forms filled out and get them turned in asap.  We have to go through each one, form by form, before leaving for camp.

Some of you are still working on your $100.  When you bring cash or check to the PFT, please give it to Col. Toole in an envelope with your name clearly noted so you will get credit for it.  

 2011 pups signing in at Camp Pendleton.

 2010 pups getting ready for camp

Your scores have improved dramatically.  We know you will have a very successful camp experience (once you get past the shouting in your ears)!!