Thursday, April 27, 2017

29 Apr 2017 - Saturday Workout

Devil Pup Candidates - time for another work out.  

Where the mind leads, the body will follow . . .

Place:  Dixie High AFJROTC building.

Time:  0700-0900


Anyone who does not wish to participate in the first portion of PT, being yoga, does not have to attend and it will hold no negative outcome with respect to attendance. Anyone who does not wish to participate in yoga may arrive at 0745. Remember to bring a large towel or mat for those who come to yoga and a water bottle regardless. 

Bryce W. Lewis
Liason Rep. Southern Utah
Devil Pups

Remember to let Sgt. Lewis, Les Covey or Jan Veltkamp know if you have a conflict or if you have questions:

Sgt. Lewis:  (435) 668-9761
Les Covey:  (562) 477-0556
Jan Veltkamp:  (435) 673-4355