Saturday, June 17, 2017


Here's to the winners for 2017 Devil Pup Camp:

Richard Armstrong
Kyle Grable
Adrian Lopez
Tanner Roberts
JT Ybright
Sayuri Catalan
Emma Johnson
Alena Lorentzen

Parents:  Now is the time to make your reservations for a hotel for the Devil Pup weekend.  (Attendance at graduation is a must for family and friends to celebrate with your pup and to provide transportation home.)  Try for Oceanside or Carlsbad if you want to be close to Camp Pendleton.   As we get closer to camp, you will receive a detailed letter about directions to camp and what to expect when arriving there.  Graduation is always on a Saturday (July 29 this year) and it always starts promptly at 12 noon.  Be there early! 

Pup Candidates:  If you have not already gotten them, please get some high-top tennies now and get them broken in.  It is not a good idea to take new tennies to camp.  Do NOT spend a lot of money on them - they will likely be trashed when camp is over!  Here is a photo of acceptable tennies - good for hiking, etc.

Also, since each candidate for camp must provide $100 of his own earned money, it's time to start working on that now.  Get together with a mentor if you need help with jobs.  We have the Marine Corps League standing behind us for much of this activity. Please turn in your money to Les Covey, Assistant Liaison Rep, as soon as you have earned all of it.  Put it in an envelope with your name on it.

Parents: Prior to camp time, I will put together a Parent Contact List so you will all have phone numbers for other parents.  We find this is helpful for many reasons, but especially if an emergency happens at the last minute and you have to find a way home from camp for your pup.

Pups, remember that these instructions are important and we do make note of your efforts.  Practices will continue and are equally important now so we can get you more prepared for DEVIL PUP CAMP!  Woohoo!!