Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Date and Time for Make Up PFT

The make-up PFT has been rescheduled to June 11th because of a scheduling conflict with the Washington County Sheriff's facility and an event for the Triple Deuce on the 4th. PLEASE BE ADVISED the make-up PFT is now June 11 at 8:00 a.m. Location is 620 So. 5300 West in Hurricane - just up the street from the DMV office.

As most of you know, there is a requirement that each candidate earn $100 towards his/her camp experience which we provided with two car washes and yard signs to sell. Some of you have already filled those requirements with car wash ticket sales and some are working on selling the patriotic yard signs to help reach your $100 goal.

Unfortunately, many of the car wash ticket sales envelopes turned in to Col. Toole at Saturday's car wash had no name or amount on the envelope as we had asked, which was our way of charting your contributions toward your $100. I would appreciate it if each of you who turned in cash e-mail us with the amount that you have already submitted towards your $100. Otherwise, that amount will simply be lumped into "car wash sales" and not credited to you.

If you still have a ways to go to reach your $100, we have the names of retired Marines in the Marine Corps League detachment who are very supportive of the Devil Pup program who would like to be "mentors" to help you with this requirement. They may have odd jobs or other types of assistance to help you meet your goal. This opportunity will kick into high gear after June 18.

The number of candidates this year is higher than the quota we have, so those with lower PFT scores need to really concentrate now on increasing PFT results. Three factors are taken into consideration for Devil Pup selection: (1) PFT scores, (2) age, and (3) points from fund raising projects.

The PFT scores are given the most importance because of the rigorous schedule at Camp Pendleton. If pups are not "in shape" before going to Camp Pendleton, they will be playing catch-up for 10 days, not a good experience. This camp is the hardest camp in the nation, and we want you to have a good experience. If your scores are not high at the first PFT, you have the time and opportunity to work hard on those skills prior to the second PFT. If the scores do not come up this year, you still have the opportunity to work during the year on those PFT tests for a chance at next year's Devil Pup camp if still within the 14-17 age group.

Age is important, also, because those who are older will not have another chance to go in the future. If their scores are similar or tied with another younger pup, they may be given a better look.

Points from fund raising projects factor in last. We need to know how dedicated the candidate is, observe his attitude at work projects, see if he follows instructions, and find out if he can carry through with a commitment. Consideration is given to those who show a good work ethic, are responsive to instructions and follow through with details. It does not trump the PFT scores, but together with the PFT tells us a lot about a candidate's chance for a good experience at camp.