Sunday, May 22, 2011

Next Devil Pup Events - PFT Scores

For those of you who have the patriotic yard signs to sell, please keep the money from the sale in an envelope with your name and the amount on the outside of the envelope. We will arrange to pick up the money when you let us know you have sold the yard signs - or we will collect the envelopes at the final PFT on June 18th.

Next event is the make-up PFT on June 4. If you still wish to be a candidate for 2011 Devil Pup camp, this is a MUST for those who did not attend the first PFT last Saturday. It will be held at the Washington County Sheriff’s facility, 620 So. 5300 West in Hurricane - just up the street from the DMV office. If you were at the PFT last Saturday, you do not need to attend the June 4 PFT. We will let you know in the next few days what time the June 4 PFT will be held.

EVERYONE MUST ATTEND THE PFT ON JUNE 18 to be considered for a slot on our 2011 Devil Pup roster. To clarify, you must have TWO PFT tests to remain a candidate for Devil Pups camp this summer.

Our car wash on Saturday was another success. Thank you for your ticket sales. Advance sales have made this portion of our fund raising a success. Special thanks to Oscar Garcia for his vision for this fund raising portion of our program as well as his time and effort at the PFTs and car washes.

Each of your accounts will be checked to see if you have earned the $100 that each was to contribute toward his/her camp experience, so if you still have some dollars to earn, it’s time to catch up.

After the June 18 PFT results are in, the 2011 final selections will be made. SoUtah’s quota this year is for 9 males and 2 females. There are still 12 to 13 males competing for those 9 slots, so work on your PFT scores prior to June 18 so as not to be eliminated.

As for last Saturday’s PFT results, WATCH YOUR E-MAIL for your score. It will tell you where you are currently placed in the list of Devil Pup candidates who have tested so far. Those e-mails should go out to you within the next 24 hours.