Friday, June 17, 2011

Final PFT

Devil Pup Candidates: This is a last reminder for tomorrow's PFT at the Washington County Sheriff's facility in Hurricane. It's at 8:00 a.m. If you have not completed two PFTs, then this one's for you! (Jace Cravey, Garrett Allred and Wyatt Stevens have completed two and do not need to be there.)

After tomorrow's PFT, there will be two more forms to complete. One will be a Parental Consent form and the other the doctor's exam form. Col. Toole will pass them out after the PFT. Both these forms can be found and printed from for those who do not get a hard copy tomorrow from Col. Toole. The doctor's exam can be completed after you have been advised of acceptance into the program.

You'll be pleased to know that Col. Toole has altered the way we handle the PFT results. Previously we were averaging the results of the first and second tests. This accomplished the purpose of giving a candidate two opportunities at the test in case the candidate was having an "off day." This has now been modified so that we will take the higher of the two scores.

Again, within 48 hours after the test, you will know if you've been accepted for Devil Pups 2011.