Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paperwork Requirements

Garrett Allred, Garrett Hays, Chris Nebeker, Mariah Allred and Kelsy Simmons all have completed their paperwork requirements. Ooh rahs to those five pups!

Four of the finalists have a couple of forms to submit. Please be sure you mail to us your doctor's exam and the Participation Agreement signed by you and your parents. One finalist needs to submit money earned to complete his requirement.

Col. Toole needs the forms to complete your pup file folders, which you will hand to the officials when you arrive at Camp Pendleton. Please try to take care of these final requirements asap so we don't have any last-minute surprises. Please call (435) 652-3998 if you have any questions. If you need us to pick up these forms, just let us know - but it is your responsibility to get them to us one way or the other.

Remember to "wear in" your boots for camp.