Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 Devil Pup Camp This Week

Hey, Devil Pup Candidates!  Are you ready??  We leave this Wednesday night/Thursday morning (REAL early Thursday July 19).  Get as many cat naps between now and then as you can because you will be busy, busy, busy at camp.  We will drive all night - you can cat nap on the way, too.  We'll stop for an early morning breakfast in Barstow and then your 10 days starts as soon as we arrive at Camp Pendleton.  

Do you have all your paperwork (including a doctor's exam) done and turned in to Col. Toole or your mentor? 
Do you have the required hiking boots?
Do you have a bag ready to go with masking tape and your name on two sides?
Have you checked the packing list information to know what to take (and not take)?
Do you have your $100 earning requirement filled?
Do you have someone ready to pick you up on the 28th at Camp Pendleton?

Failure to fill the above requirements may bump you off the list!

Call us with any questions!