Tuesday, July 17, 2012

FINAL CALL - 2012 Devil Pup Candidates!

2:30 a.m. July 19, 2012
(That's night time between Wednesday night and Thursday morning)

Parking lot by Cinema 6, 905 So. Main Street, St. George. 
(That's near Temple View RV park, behind the KMart/Albertson's shopping center)

Plain white T-shirt, blue jeans, BELT, tennies.

Please bring a hoodie.  This will be used for early mornings and may double as sleep wear. 
(We have heard many times from prior Devil Pups that it can get very chilly in Southern California.)

Weather forecasts for SoCalif during camp time are mid to high 70's during the day and as low as 58 at night.

Some type of bag (one) with a strip of masking tape on each side and your last name, first initial on each.  At graduation, 300 bags are piled in one place.  You will need to see your name on the tape.

Remember sunscreen.

If an item is not on the approved Devil Pup list at www.devilpups.com, don’t take it. 

You may take a cell phone, but it will have to be left in your bag which, after contents are transferred to a camp bag at check-in, will be locked up for 10 days until camp is over.

Call Col. Toole’s cell if there are problems at departure time (925) 216-8964.

 All Pups and Parentsmeet in front of the central section of the stands (reviewing stand) immediately after graduation.  You can link up easier there and we need you there for photos and check-out with Col. Toole.  Even if you’re hungry and tired, please do this for us.