Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Devil Pup candidates:  Be watching your e-mail for car wash tickets which you will need to sell to friends and neighbors for the upcoming car wash on May 25th, immediately after the PFT test.  The tickets will need to be sold and the proceeds brought in a sealed envelope to the car wash, with your name and the amount of money noted on the outside of the envelope.  (Be sure to put your name and amount on the outside of the envelope so YOU will get credit for selling those tickets.)

The tickets will be on a sheet –five to a page.  The money you make by selling these tickets will count toward the $100 you will need to earn toward your camp experience.  If you sell all five tickets for $8 each, you will already have already earned $40.  If you print and sell two pages of tickets, you will already have $80 and be almost done with your $100 commitment.

All you need to do when the tickets arrive is click on the attachment, print out one or two sheets of tickets, cut them apart and begin selling.  If anyone tells you they won’t be available for the car wash, they can still make a donation of any size toward your camp experience.