Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cell Phones at Camp

Can you take a cell phone to camp?  Yes, but.  Do you get that answer a lot??  Reality is, you may not have a cell phone during the 10 days at camp. You won't need it there, anyway.  What you can do is put your cell phone in a plastic baggie-type of container - like a Ziploc.  Put your name on the baggie and Col. Toole or Steve Handy will hold them for you.  The moment graduation ceremonies are over, you may retrieve them from Col. Toole, Donna Toole or Steve Handy.  We also require all pups and parents to gather in front of the reviewing stand for photos right after graduation anyway, so you will have your cell as soon as camp is over.  If you take a cell and don't give it to one of the Liaison Reps, then your cell will be locked in your luggage after check-in - you will be issued a sea bag upon check-in and only the items on your list of things to take to camp are allowed.  Anything, not on the list remains in your luggage and is under double lock during camp and returned to you at the end of camp.