Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fill Out Your Forms!

Now is the time to fill out four forms (6 pages total) to begin the Devil Pup camp process.  These forms can be found on the Devil Pups website.  We have provided links here for these forms.  Open the website, print out the forms and complete the forms in ink, making sure the information is legible, as these will become a part of your camp record.

Form No. 1:  Contract and Obligation

Form No. 2:  Selection Questionnaire

Form No. 3:  Devil Pups Personal Information
Personal Information, Form L1 (one page)  

Form No. 4:  Medical Treatment Authorization
This form is needed prior to the Physical Fitness Tests

These forms must be complete and handed in at one of the two informational meetings at the St. George Library March 26th or March 27th, whichever meeting is more convenient for your family.  (There will be a few more forms to fill out later in the enrollment process.)  These meetings will begin at 6:00 p.m. and provide a chance for you and/or your parents to have questions answered about the Devil Pup program and summer camp.  Camp this year will be held from 24 July through 2 August - with graduation day being August 2nd.