Sunday, July 20, 2014

2014 Devil Pup Camping Gear List

Pups, because of a few calls I have been receiving the last few days, I am sending out the gear guide for camp so everyone has a copy just in case you lost yours.  It is typed below.  (Look carefully and pack very carefully ---only items on the guide.)

Also please learn from Pups from years past.
Remember sunscreen; it is often forgotten but is VERY necessary.
Go over your ready bag/duffle two or three times to make sure you have everything.
Duct tape with your last name on it on the sides and inside the bag.
Your paddle lock, envelopes, etc.
Make sure you have your envelope with your $40.00 folded in your left back pocket.

We leave on Thursday 24 July at 0130 at the parking lot of the movie theater on Main Street (Megaplex Theaters at 905 So. Main).

So Marine Corps time would be???..............yup!  0110.

So here's what you should do to be there on time, happy and ready to go have fun fun fun!

Wednesday get some rest.... sleep from 600 p.m. till you wake up at midnight (of the morning of the 24th).  WE SHIP OUT DURING THE NIGHT BETWEEN WEDNESDAY NIGHT AND THURSDAY MORNING.  (Some pup candidates have set three alarm clocks so they wake up and don't miss things.)

Then shower, shave and grab a small snack and your bag.  Then wake up mom, dad and be ready to meet at 0110 at the debarkation point. (Theater on Main Street)

I will be there at 0100.

Just so you know, at 0120 we have our final good byes to mom and dad, prayer, load the bus and at exactly 0130 we drive out of the parking lot and hit the freeway.  If you’re there at 0131, you miss the bus.

Be careful, sleep/rest, eat right, and be ready to go.

Col. Toole and myself will be waiting to see all of your smiling faces.


As far as outer clothing is concerned, bring only your informal travel clothes.  Upon arrival you will be issued T-shirts for daily wear.  The arrival uniform dress is blue jeans and a solid white T-Shirt.  Skinny jeans or cut offs are not acceptable.

In Your Bag:

Encampment Supply List of Needed Items

Towels, large                                         two (2)

Flashlight & batteries                             one each (1)

Toothbrush, toothpaste, chapstick         one each (1)

Hand Soap and Deodorant                    one each (1)

Shaving gear (if needed)                       one each (1)

Blue jeans (regular, NOT skinny)           four (4)

Trouser belt                                            one (1)

Underwear                                              ten pairs (10)

Socks, heavy thickness                          ten pairs (10)

Sunscreen or sun block                          one (1)

Boots, hiking grade* (wear them in)       one pair (1)

Shoes, tennis, for physical training         one pair (1)

Shoes, clog or flip flops, for shower        one pair (1)

Padlock, combination style                     one (1)

Stationary, envelope & stamp                 one box (1) (Pre-address the envelope to your parents)

Pens, writing                                            two (1)

Sweat pants                                             one (1)

Sweatshirt with a hood                            one (1)

Swim Suit                                                 one (1)

Mole Skin (for blisters)                             two packs (2)

(You will have no required expenses at Camp Pendleton.)

Be sure to bring a snack and bottle of water for the bus ride to camp.


1.)   The Devil Pups hooded sweatshirt can only be purchased online at the Devil Pups Store.  (Optional purchase.)

2.)   Do not bring "new" shoes to camp.  Shoes should fit properly, cover the ankle, and should be well broken in before camp.

Please do not bring these Items:

Cell Phones (any type), Computers, Computer Games, Digital Toys, Televisions, Radios, iPods, Cameras, Video Cameras and other such gear requiring batteries or electricity.  These items are not allowed and will be taken and stored with your luggage and returned upon departure from the base.

As we have mentioned before, you can leave your cell phone with me as we arrive at Camp Pendleton.  I will keep them over the time you are at camp and return them to you immediately after graduation ceremonies when you MEET PARENTS AND LRS IN FRONT OF THE REVIEWING STAND.

Parents, there will be opportunities before and after graduation to purchase photos and memorabilia of your child’s camp experience.  There are huge framed photos of the entire increment, unframed photos of various sizes, and various kinds of keepsakes available under tents on the parade ground.

That is all.

Chaplain Stephen Handy