Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Graduation Day - August 2

Parents and Pups.  Please remember that you are to meet at the reviewing stand immediately after graduation is over.  Not only will you have a hard time finding your family in the crowd if you don't have a designated meeting place, but you will miss out on photo ops.  Since we want lots of photos for memories, please everyone meet in front of the reviewing stand.  Can't miss it - it's in the middle of the bleacher area.  Last, but first in importance, Steve Handy and Col. Toole need to know that each pup has been collected by family/friends so no one is left without a ride home.  No matter how tired you are, how hungry you are or how anxious to go to the beach (again), PLEASE MEET IN FRONT OF THE REVIEWING STAND immediately after graduation.

HINT:  The reviewing stand is behind Devil Pup Tesch in this photo: