Saturday, July 12, 2014

Update on Camp Supplies

Devil Pup Candidates:

We have received a memo from the LR Coordinators after their experiences with this year’s first increment of Devil Pups.  Please note the following:

Please remember to remind all your candidates regarding the list of supplies.  Many of the first encampment Pups did not bring shower shoes, shampoo, cream rinse.

They only need one good pair of track shoes, one pair of boots for hiking that have been broken in, and their shower shoes. 

Boys are to bring shaving gear. 

Contact lenses are now not allowed.  Those who need glasses for vision must have glasses with a head strap.

In the past, we had our pups take extra of various items; however, that is not appreciated and they are not allowed to keep extra.  

The cash money that they are to carry should be clearly marked in an envelope and they place it in the left rear pants pocket.  

The envelopes that are addressed and to be sent home are to be placed in their canvas "sea bag."