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Tuesday, July 5, 2022


All family and friends are welcome at Devil Pup graduation - just need to be at the shuttle at Mance Buchanon Park to catch one of the buses into the base.  

Here's a photo from 2008 when we were at the same parade ground.  Remember sunscreen or hats.  It's usually warm and sunny.

Graduation is at 12 noon sharp - remember it is 12 noon California time, not Utah time.

Eagles will be acting as guides and will have a list of what platoon  your pup is in and therefore where it would be best for you to sit.  Look for an eagle in a blue t-shirt and give him/her your pup's name.  While there are usually platoons 1 thru 6-8 (however many they will have this year), they are not always lined up that way because the platoon with highest honors gets to be first in formation.

PLEASE do not forget that we want photos immediately after graduation.  If pups don't meet with Sgt. Billion after graduation, they won't be in photos that we will want to publish.  Pups often want a photo with their platoon leaders.  We usually will take photos of you as a family with your pup - a treasure for sure!!  

Packing Instructions

If you have no insurance, just write "no insurance." 

Leave out one pair of jeans, belt, undies, socks, athletic shoes, sweatshirt, and white T-shirt. They will count for your packing list, but you will wear them as the Departure/Arrival uniform when we meet at 0500 on the 16th at the usual place and depart from there shortly after. 

Boys will be issued swim trunks. All will be issued athletic shorts and shirts. 

Call TODAY to schedule your physical. Get Physical form STAMPED!

Stamped envelopes, and $35 envelope goes in your bag. EVERYTHING must fit in the bag. Give Sgt. Billion $100 in an envelope with your name on it Thursday if you haven't already. 

Thank you!  Sgt. Billion


Monday, July 4, 2022

Date of Graduation for SoUtah Devil Pups - July 23

Clarification on graduation date.  Date is July 23rd at noon at Camp Pendleton, California.  The attachment in the SRB package found after Sgt. Billion's letter was included for information about graduation, but the dates were published after the initial camp dates were announced.  Due to changes at Camp Pendleton, the increment dates were changed after most DP printing was complete.

Please be assured our graduation date is July 23, not July 30 as DP HQ originally announced.

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Parent Contact List

Parents:  Please take a look at the draft of the Parent Contact List I sent out today (Saturday 7/2) and let me know if your info is correct or incorrect.  I will make all corrections and get the final draft back to you by next Friday, July 8th.  

If you haven't read the letter Billion included in the SRBs, please do so - there are attachments with camp instructions.  Don't miss those instructions.  E-Mail me with questions.

sudevilpups at gmail dot com 


 Copying this post:

For all of you who are now ON YOUR WAY to 2022 Devil Pup summer camp, this is for you.  If you do not already have hiking boots for Devil Pup camp, now would be a good time to get them and get them broken in.  Here is a photo of a boot that is a good camp boot – you will need protection for ankles with all the activities at camp. Watch for sales at Big 5 - do not buy heavy (combat-type) boots that won't "breathe." These boots will get a lot of wear at camp. Wear them every day for two or three hours to break them in.  

As for the rest of your packing, please see this list on the Devil Pup website. 

Awesome News!

Congratulations to all of our awesome 28 Devil Pup applicants who qualified to be sent to camp at Camp Pendleton July 17-23.  We were able to pick up unfilled slots from other regions and are super excited about sending so many eligible applicants.

PARENTS:  Get those hotel reservations made in the Oceanside area!!!

How Do We Donate to Southern Utah Devil Pups

For donors who wish to support our Southern Utah Devil Pup program, here are the steps:

(1)    Make check payable to DEVIL PUPS, INC.

(2)    Send check to

        Donna Toole, 1760 Amethyst Garden Circle, St. George, UT  84790

I will post the donation to our account to make sure this region is credited and forward the check to Devil Pup HQ for recording.  After camp is over and I have photos, I will send a receipt/thank you letter and include a photo of the current pups you have helped to support attain their citizenship and leadership goals.  

Devil Pups is a 501c3 organization; tax identification number is 95-6067317.

We are working on a digital donation solution and will let you know when it is available.