Friday, August 23, 2019

Awards Night

An awesome array of incredibly talented Southern Utah Devil Pups, a delicious Pizza Factory meal of salad, bread sticks, pizza and drinks, and a totally packed house made 2019 SoUtah Devil Pups Awards Night a huge success!  Lead Liaison Representative Sgt. Billion Johnston led the evening full of fun, certificate presentations for donors, supporters, Eagles and staff as well as an unusually full list of Devil Pup camp award winners.  Donna Toole, CoFounder and SoUtah Devil Pups Coordinator explained the origin of the Col. Toole Cookie Award and 10 Devil Pups loudly agreed as the special award went to JROTC instructors, CMSgt. Todd Cole of Pine View High School and SMSgt. Morgan Hager of Dixie High School for their support of the SoUtah Devil Pup program.  These new Devil Pup graduates appreciate the financial and encouraging support of the Practical Shooting Range, Utah Dixie Detachment #1270 of the Marine Corps League, the Color Country Chapter of D.A.R. and the many individual supporters of our program.  This year's 10 graduates bring our total of Southern Utah Devil Pups to 103 over our 13 year history.  Congratulations, 2019 Devil Pups!

Monday, August 19, 2019

2019 Devil Pup Photo Book

The 2019 Photo Book is available on my Shutterfly site.  Shutterfly is a free site for storing photos and other applications.  You might have to join to view and order the photo book.


Purchasing one Photo Book normally comes to $34.70 with tax and shipping.  However, Shutterfly offers discounts at random times, and there is currently a discount available when you go to the link above.   

I have not tried this but at checkout, from August 14 thru August 27, use the code SHIP39 and you should get free shipping on orders over $39. 

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Awards Night Info

Pups, Parents, AFJROTC, Donors and Supporters:  Southern Utah Devil Pups Awards Night is coming up next Wednesday evening (08/21/19) at 6:30 p.m. at the Pizza Factory located at 2 W. St. George Boulevard, tucked in behind George's Corner.  We will be a "private party" in the upstairs room.

One of the things the restaurant requires of us is that we collect the $8/$5 per person within our own group so that we can just pay one bill at the end of the evening to the restaurant.  It will be so much easier if it is at all possible you can bring the right amount of cash for your family.  Justice Johnston, 2018 Pup and 2019 Eagle, will be our cashier.  She will have some $1 bills for change.  

Cost is $8 per adult and $5 for children 5 and under.  We will have unlimited pizza (all different kinds), salad, sodas and bread sticks.  You can eat all evening long since we will start the awards ceremony shortly after everyone has a plateful.  It's our aim to get everyone back home and into homework quickly since it's a school night.

The dress is CASUAL.  PUPS:  You are to dress as the 2015 pups in the photo below.  Eagles, please wear your blue shirts.  The maximum occupancy of the room is 80, and we have 70+ signed up, so be prepared to be friendly!!

 2015 Devil Pups at Awards Night

Monday, August 12, 2019


Go to the bottom of the chart, add your name and the number who will be attending;
then just close the document.

Friday, August 9, 2019

12 Oct 2019 - Thank You Tour Begins

Parent and Pups:  Each year we have some thank you's to take care of because of the generosity of our Southern Utah Devil Pup donors.  The Marine Corps League pays for 20-25% of our costs each year and some of the Marines provide work to help you earn your $100 contributions toward costs.  The D.A.R. local chapter takes care of one pup's expenses - and, as you know, this year the D.A.R. provided awesome goodie bags for the trip to Camp Pendleton.  

Our first thank you stop is at the Marine Corps League monthly breakfast meeting on October 12.  It is held at the Elks Lodge in St. George and involves a great buffet breakfast at 0830, followed by their meeting at 0900.  Parents and pups will have a free breakfast, courtesy of the Marine Corps League Detachment.  You will be excused from the meeting after our presentation, as the Marines will then go into their regular monthly meeting activities.  

Immediately after our presentation and before you are excused, the Marines will take a break to shake your hands.  Please remember to thank each Marine for their support of our program.  

You will need to wear your Devil Pup shirts, scarves and caps.  We would also like to see your certificates earned at camp, so bring those with you.  Please be at the Elks Lodge to meet with Sgt. Johnston at 0815 on October 12 for procedure.  

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

An Eagle's Poem

14 Days Away From Home
a Devil Pup Poem by Justice Johnston

14 days away from home, God the days are long
14 days away from home, I really miss my mom
I get no sleep, it’s much too hot and the pups show no respect
I tell them to do what they’re told, ‘cause that’s what we expect
14 days away from home, these pups are gonna pay!
My arms are burnt, covered in bites
I’ve seen too many unpleasant sights
14 days away from home, God the days are long

14 days away from home, the pups act like they’re dumb
14 days away from home, I think my feet are numb!
We get no “thank you’s” nor any pay for working and suffering every day
Their voices weak from loud “Yes Ma’am’s
Cuts and bruises on both my hands
14 days away from home, energy has gone away
14 days away from home, almost fell asleep at Midway!

But seeing instructors shout and scream
Is the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen
Although I’m tired, I do not regret
Making memories I’ll never forget.

14 days away from home,
I never want to leave!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Thank you Erik Reclosado

Everyone is wild about this photo, courtesy of Erik Reclosado.  Thank you!!!!

2019 Devil Pup Awards Night

Save the date of August 21 at Pizza Factory, St. George, for awards for our 2019 awesome Devil Pup graduates - plus thank you's to our several supporters.  The evening will not be long, and Pizza Factory once again has offered all-you-can eat pizza, bread sticks, salad and sodas for $8 per person.  Please let Donna Toole know how many will be attending from your family.  Time is set for 6:30 p.m. in the upstairs room.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

St. George Shines at Graduation Day

WOW!  That's all I can say!  WOW!
St. George Devil Pups Show Spirit, Talent and Fortitude!  

All of our 10 pups graduated (a 13-year perfect graduation rate, I might add), and unparalleled LR Billion Johnston informs me that there were 8 perfect PFT scores out of the whole increment - AND WE HAD THREE OF THEM!  Ooh  RAH!

Congratulations to perfect scorers:
Joshua "Chance" Arvig
Jake Jevne
Sarah Lanter


And who but our very own CARYN KRAFCZYK was chosen for the prestigious position of carrying the Guidon for her platoon and participated in the Guidon retirement ceremony.  What an honor!  

Congrats to all SoUtah 2019 new Devil Pups:
Dominick Alamares
Joshua Arvig
Christopher Eagar
Zeke Gomm
Brian Jauregui
Jake Jevne
Caryn Krafczyk
Sarah Lanter
Jaydon Mickelson
Ben Stock

My heart is full and I know that Col. Toole is flying around Heaven with pride and happiness!!!  Thanks to an incredible staff and a dedicated group of teens who are no doubt going to make a big difference in this world.
 Awesome Eagle Justice Johnston
Guidon Girl Caryn Krafczyk 

Challenge Coins atop Ole Smokey

8 of 10 2019 Devil Pups from Southern Utah
In background-Ole Smokey, their final challenge