Sunday, July 31, 2016

2016 Devil Pups Graduates

2016 Devil Pup Graduates
30 Jul 2016

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Camp Departure

I will enclose in an e-mail another Parent Contact List with the names, city, e-mail and cell phones of parents of 2016 Devil Pup Candidates.  If unforeseen problems arise making your arrival at graduation late or impossible, this list can be used to contact another parent in your area who may be able to help with transportation.  Keep in mind that some parents are scheduling vacations to coincide with graduation and may not be returning directly to St. George.

2:00 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) early Thursday morning, July 21, 2016 (that's night time between Wednesday night and Thursday morning); arrive at Cinema 6 parking lot on Main Street, 905 South Main Street, St. George (next to Temple View Trailer Park).

White T-shirt, jeans, belt and tennies.  No skinny jeans!!
Bring your bag with the two strips of masking tape and your name on the tape.  Also bring a hoodie for warmth on the trip and at Camp Pendleton where nights and early mornings are chilly.  We will take "before" photos before departure.

When parents travel to Southern California/Camp Pendleton for graduation, remember the one hour time difference between Utah and SoCalif.
Congratulations on becoming Southern Utah's 2016 candidates.  And don't forget - it's not fun unless you've been yelled at.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Departure for Devil Pup Camp

Devil Pups, get as much rest as you can on Wednesday, July 20, because between that night and Thursday morning at O-Dark-Thirty, you will need to meet Bryce for departure for Devil Pup camp.  You will drive all night to arrive at camp around 8:30 a.m. in California and it's non-stop all day.  There will likely only be cat naps on the van, so get what rest you can on Wednesday.  You will not have rest until the first day of camp is over Thursday evening.  You will have Marines yelling in your ears the moment you arrive!

Be aware of any night time roadwork happening on your route to the theaters on Main Street - we almost left without a late pup one year.  Be sure to wear a plain white T-shirt, jeans (did you get the message about "NO skinny jeans"????), belt, tennies and have your hoodie with you for comfort on the van.  It'll be OK to bring snacks, water, etc. (although there will be stops along the way) but anything left over will have to remain on the van.  There will be a breakfast stop which SoUtah Devil Pups pays for.

Remember if you want to take a cell phone, it will be locked up in your locker for the 10 day camp period.  Best not to take a cell.  No medications are allowed; don't even take aspirin.

Also please learn from Pups from years past:
Remember sunscreen; it is often forgotten but is VERY necessary.
Go over your ready bag/duffle two or three times to make sure you have everything on the required list.

Duct tape with your last name on it on the sides and inside the bag.
Your padlock, envelopes, etc.  Make sure you have your envelope with your money folded in your left back pocket.

We leave on Thursday 21 July at 0200 (that's 2:00 o'clock in the morning) (time to be verified at a later date) at the parking lot of the movie theater on Main Street (Megaplex Theaters at 905 So. Main).  That's across the street behind the K-Mart shopping center. 

Upon arrival at camp, be prepared to be yelled at, told to run here, run there - do what they say as fast as you can!!!  You WILL be asked to "speak up." 


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Graduation information

Click on THIS LINK TO FIND DIRECTIONS TO THE PARADE GROUND for graduation.  Please note that graduation begins promptly at 12 noon on Saturday, July 30.  You will need to get there early to find parking (there will be signs along the way directing you to Devil Pups) and to find your place to sit.  Please observe the rather strict and rather slow speed limits on base.   And remember that just arriving at the gate at Camp Pendleton is only the beginning - it is a HUGE military base and you may drive another 30 minutes to get to the parade ground. 

Eagles in blue shirts will have a list of the pups and their platoons and can direct you where to sit so you will be close to your pup's platoon.  

You will get a letter from your pup with a form that will get you onto the base.  If directions differ from these posted here, follow the Devil Pup letter as that comes from  Devil Pup headquarters.  If you are inviting extra guests (no limit), please copy the letter your pup sent for them to show as they approach the gate at Camp Pendleton.  Security is higher than usual these days.

I will soon be publishing a list of contact numbers for pups' parents just in case there is an emergency at the last minute and you need to call someone to get your pup home from camp.  If anyone has an issue with having your information disclosed in this manner, please let me know asap.

Above is shown the Reviewing Stand where Sgt. Lewis will be.  ALL PUPS AND PARENTS ARE TO MEET US IN FRONT OF THE REVIEWING STAND IMMEDIATELY AFTER GRADUATION.  It's a little crazy with all kinds of people milling around, but you know what we look like!! 

Please do not forget this.  We need to know everyone has a safe ride home, we "need" photos of family groups, etc., so please remember everyone - DO NOT LEAVE CAMP PENDLETON until you have checked out with us in front of the Reviewing Stand.  Braxston's dad and mom will be taking photos for us this year.  Please get your family group together so we can record your happy faces.

A sample of some of the good shots we get after graduation:

Friday, July 1, 2016

Covey and Johnston Become SoUtah Devil Pup Liaison Reps

Congratulations to Les Covey and Billion Johnston for their hard work and dedication to the Southern Utah Devil Pup program - they have been appointed Liaison Reps for our program.  For their official status and contact info, go to THIS LINK, drill down to Utah, and give them a High Five next time you see them.  Thanks, Les and Billion!!